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How can we celebrate women in the middle of a pandemic?

With crossed fingers, we hope to see Melania Trump visit a former president in prison

– Tannie Evita, Cape Times, 5 August 2020

I’m excited for Women’s Day on Sunday, because I will be doing something I never thought possible.

I will be live-streaming! It's an entertainment about my life through Quicket and YouTube straight into your homes, just when you've probably reached the end of your tether, with lockdown feeling more like a locked up.

Who would have predicted that the world could suddenly stop dead in its tracks? Who would have imagined that the population of the planet are all on the same side in this viral Third World War against an invisible enemy?

Of course, new rules have become essential — masks, physical and social distancing, and a way of life that has been hell for many and only fun for few. How can we celebrate Women’s Day in the middle of a pandemic, when we are still locked down, trying to work out our survival day to day?

In the old world that ended in March, government made lots of promises in August, Women's Month, and if only those promises had come true, even our pandemic world today would have been a happier place even as we tiptoe through the Covid minefield into a New Normal.

There are more women in our nation than men. Despite a constitution that reputedly protects all of us, women are more frightened than ever.

Some have been in lock down with their gender-based violence perpetrators, many have lost their jobs, and families look to them to be the primary carers for the sick and terrified.

Many of us can’t all compete with the super symbols some want us all to be. A woman as president. A woman as chief executive. A woman as leader. Extraordinary is a patronising word still often used to describe a successful South African woman.

And yet every day I meet women who change the world around them without fame or fortune. No one Photoshops them for fashion magazine covers. They are rarely reflected on our small screens in soapies and dramas.

There is seldom a red carpet for these women to walk along with selfies and happy snaps. They are the mothers who work all day to put their children through an education, while still having to fetch a bucket of water from the leaking tap at the top of a hill.

The gogos and grannies who protect their small offspring against poverty and the violence that threatens life and limb. The daughter who tries to finish school, while also being mother to others who have no one, or even a mother herself.  

Think about the working women who, after paying for daily transport, scarcely take home enough to put bread on the table. These women won’t have time to celebrate Women’s Day on Sunday August 9.

Every year people say, 'Every day should be Women’s Day.' So what is stopping us? It is because how would men manage without us? Can you see men doing our work? And that’s not just keeping a family together. Or running a home. Or leading a company. It’s also the job of ruling a nation.

In Germany they still have an Angela Merkel. Here we are stuck with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who has decided that no one will smoke or drink as long as she is the boss.

And with crossed fingers, we hope to soon see Melania Trump pack up her wardrobe before she visits a former president, serving a life sentence for being himself.

Sometimes there is a little laugh at the end of a long serious day. Yesterday I heard about a local woman whose husband insulted her cooking, saying it was banal and tasteless. What could she do? Easy in this pandemic. She just phoned the local hospital and said that her husband was showing symptoms of Covid-19. They immediately came to collect the man and put him into quarantine for 14 days.

So, there is one woman who will certainly enjoy her Women’s Day!

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Just because Tannie Evita doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean she isn’t real!

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