SELLE OU STORIE   (1974/Afrikaans)

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Selle ou Storie is 'n baie beduidende gebeurtenis vir die Afrikaanse teater, maar nog meer so vir die Afrikaanse taal.

–  Coenie Slabber,  Rapport,  9 March 1975

... 'n deur wat na nuwe terreine in ons Suid-Afrikaanse toneelkuns sal lei.

–  Paul Alberts,  Die Burger,  16 October 1974

Selle ou Storie ... must rate as one of the most ambitious and daring plays in the history of South African theatre.

–  Mike Nichol,  To the Point,  April 1974

...theatrically, Pieter-Dirk Uys moves into new territory ... brilliantly written, and has stood the test of time remarkably well.

–  Diane de Beer,  Pretoria News, 7 September 2004

This 30-year old play may be the same old story, but this play is a fresh, intelligent and revelatory experience ... crackles with humour and tension. An Afrikaans play that tells it like it is....

–  Christine Kennedy,  The Citizen,  7 September 2004

Way ahead of its time ... this work transcends its nostalgic residues.

–  Adrienne Sichel,   The Star Tonight, 7 September 2004