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Evita makes a splash for smelly S Africa

– Gustav Thiel, IOL News, 23 September 1999

Evita Bezuidenhout, South Africa's first lady of political satire, launched a new perfume at a function in Johannesburg last night.

The fragrance, called Jeau Mour, will be available at all Edgars stores.

SDV Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of the perfume, says "Jeau Mour is the scent of a woman who is special - not only because she doesn't exist - but because she is part of South Africa - like biltong, proteas, mopani worms and reconciliation.

"Evita Bezuidenhout is the most famous white woman in South Africa and her perfume surely must be the most unique in the world."

Evita's spokesperson says the perfume "is an expression of social personality, it is indicative of mood, mind and matter".

"It stimulates and calms, entices and evokes and nourishes the soul."

She adds that the fragrance "epitomises Evita's personality" and has been developed for its universal appeal to ladies of all ages, races or political persuasions. It can be worn for any affair, "whether it's meeting Madiba or attending a braaivleis".

Evita is the former South African ambassador to the independent homeland of Bapetikosweti, and she is a personal friend of numerous South African politicians.

Evita says the scent was created because "every woman in South Africa deserves to have my magnetic appeal".

Ms Charmain Viljoen from SDV Pharmaceuticals describes the perfume as "a fresh, sparkling oceanic green-top accord, radiating from a flower fruity heart with a warm comforting woody base accord".

It is a perfume, according to Evita, with a name that echoes the seductive French word "l'amour", but also captures the humour and playfulness of South Africa.

A rand from the sale of each bottle of the perfume will be donated to People Opposing Woman Abuse, a non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness of abuse against women in South Africa.

In a statement, People Opposing Woman Abuse says it "aims to reach a point where society understands that the abuse of any woman is an indictment against all women".

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