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#HeTwo: Evita Exposed!

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Review of Unmasking Evita live streamed from Cape Town  — August 2020

The show is a synthesis of the fictive but very real life of Evita; Pieter-Dirk Uys as artist/satirist/activist — and witness. He was there. We are here now, in the pandemic, in lockdown. Unmasking Evita brings together a potent mix of theatre, TV, film and digital stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the iconic Pieter-Dirk Uys on the screen and you will see what I mean.

– Robyn Cohen, thecaperobyn.co.za, 11 August 2020


Reviews of #HeTwo: Evita Exposed! in Durban — November 2019

Delicious entertainment that positively crackles. Long may both Pieter-Dirk and Evita reign!

– Billy Suter, sosuterbill.com,  15 November 2019   

Highly recommended -– this is a very cleverly constructed piece of theatre. Pieter-Dirk Uys still makes the legendary Tannie relevant.

– Chris Sutton, Publicity Matters, 21 November 2019

Looking back over the 40 years Uys and Evita have spent lampooning the political elite in South Africa, you truly appreciate how important freedom of speech is. It’s something we need to treasure, just as we need to treasure two of the country’s most iconic people. So, go and celebrate four decades of fun with them at the Elizabeth Sneddon this week.

– Estelle Sinkins, The Witness, 19 November 2019


Reviews of #HeTwo: Evita Exposed! in Cape Town — August/September 2019

***** Evita is incomparable and so is PDU. They feed off each other. It’s thrilling to see them heckle each other on stage. Don’t miss this extraordinary show by the incomparable, legendary Pieter-Dirk Uys –- as himself and as he steps into the skins of real and un-real figures. Do not miss.

– Robyn Cohen, The Cape Robyn, 5 September 2019

Jy is vasgevang deur die gebeure op die verhoog en nie een keer kry jy die begeerte om op jou selfoon te loer nie. Ek het die humor verwag, maar die hoop vir die toekoms waarmee ek uitgestap het, het my onkant betrap. Ek met 'n ligter hart uitgestap.

– Cliffordene Norton, Litnet, 5 September 2019

It is classic Pieter-Dirk Uys and classic Evita Bezuidenhout: thought-provoking, funny, from the heart and on point with the current popular conversation. A great show with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs.

– Faeron Wheeler, Broadway World, 4 September.2019

The comedian’s ingenuity as well as his gift for the unexpected are the chief strengths of #HeTwo: Evita Exposed! With enviable aplomb, he constructs and deconstructs his alter ego before our eyes. What could be more subversive? Or more delightfully thought-provoking? Or more typically PDU?

– Beverley Brommert, Theatre Scene Cape Town, 30 August 2019

During this retrospective we see Evita being honoured and adored, The role Uys and Evita have played in our country’s history is indisputable.

– Bianca Coleman, Eat.Play.Drink Cape Town, 2 September 2019

In #HeTwo: Evita exposed! Uys reflects on his 38 year-long relationship with Evita, the amazing people she/he has met, and the adventures they’ve had along their journey together.

– Sheila Chisholm, Weekend Special, 31 August 2019


Reviews of #HeTwo in Johannesburg — August 2019

Watching Uys at work gives you goosebumps. He is a master of the give and take of political nuance, interjecting barbs so bright and sharp that you don’t see them coming, with fierce and earth-shattering repartee that, rather than pulling punches, perfumes them.

– Robyn Sassen, My View, 11 August 2019

Uys entertains with savvy satire, up-to-date observational humour, quick costume changes and spot-on impressions, but if you laugh and then simply leave, you’ve missed the point. #HeTwo clearly displays how far South Africa has moved forward during Uys’ career, but it also illustrates how much work there still remains to do. Get to it.

– Bruce Dennill, Artsvark, 3 August 2019

#HeTwo features the inimitable Pieter-Dirk Uys and his world famous alter-ego Evita Bezudenhout sharing the stage. A great show and a wonderful tribute to one gutsy Lady, created with masterly style. A class act.

– Peter Feldman, Artslink, 2 August 2019