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Reviews of

When in Doubt Say Darling



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Reviews of When in Doubt Say Darling in Johannesburg — April 2018


An artist who has perfected his craft, Uys is a cultural gem, contributing immeasurably to the South African theatrical landscape.

– Peter Feldman, Artslink, 5 April 2018


With his wickedly twinkling eyes and formidably flexible face, Uys is bang up to date.

– Lesley Stones, Artslink, 5 April 2018


Strongly recommended. When in doubt, just buy a ticket.

– Leon van Nierop, What’s on in Joburg, 9 April 2018



Review of Weifel Oor Jou Twyfel/When in Doubt Say Darling in Oudtshoorn — March 2018


Uysbly vlymskerp en eietyds.

– Laetitia Pople, Die Burger, 31 March 2018