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Pieter-Dirk Uys

11th January 2006 — post on PDU website

2006 is here and already the year feels shorter.

In Darling it is hotter than ever before and so my New Year's resolution has to be: finding two million rand to build a community swimming pool for the 3000 kids in Darling who, as we share this are sitting in a 35 degree heat without anything else to do but take drugs or have sex - not always in that order. Imagine: a swimming pool will keep them focused on so much energy and life.

Besides, we will include a gym and a clinic in the project, especially knowing what stigma is attached to clinics in South Africa in the public eye. Inevitably they believe: you go to a clinic; you have Aids.

Here they will go into a centre of fun and activity to swim, do gym, and maybe visit the clinic if they wish.

A Crazy Wish-list?

Tell me I'm mad. Mad is good.

It will happen!!!

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