Reviews of

Die Van Aardes van

Grootoor: The Musical

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Reviews of Die Van Aardes van Grootoor: The Musical in Cape Town  — December 2015

Uys’s political family drama is biting and relevant. There are moments in the play where the writing strikes a raw nerve and you can feel the collective wincing of the audience. Uys is an equal opportunity satirist and shows no mercy as he wields his pen, and this musical seals his reputation for being brutally honest and fiercely passionate.

– Tracey Saunders, Cape Times, 28 December 2015

**** Pieter-Dirk Uys has outdone himself in lampooning drama that exploits the universal greed for voyeurism, and although Die Van Aardes… was first staged nearly 40 years ago, it has lost none of its relevance between now and then.  Sly, intelligent humour abounds.  Anyone who enjoys intelligent satire will be highly diverted by this show.

– Beverrley Brommert, Cape Argus, 22 December 2015