KARNAVAL  (1975/Afrikaans)

Karnaval is strictly protected by copyright.

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But please read the play with pleasure.

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Klinkende dialoog maak Karnaval 'n klinkende sukses.'

–  Hoofstad

Karnaval is vir almal wat alle aspekte van die 'teater van nou' kan waardeer. Die snaaksigheid, absurditeit en hartroerenheid wissel mekaar gedurig af...net soos in die lewe self.

–  Paul Boekkooi,  Oggendblad

Karnaval is 'n lekker en egte stuk...met klinkende kleinhuisiehumor, maar is nie sonder tragedie en patos nie.

–  Barrie Hough,  Beeld

Uys, that most South African of writers, at his best.

–  Adrian Monteath,  Sunday Times

Its shrewd observation, biting wit and deep compassion, make it a most important addition to the South African dramatic repertoire.

–  Michael Venables,  The Citizen

This unflinching vision of earthiness and unattainable hope, of searing pertinence and horrifying accuracy, will have you laughing till the last line — and then you will discover that you are weeping. Banned for five years because it is 'blasphemous and obscene', this masterwork by Pieter-Dirk Uys captures the core of South Africanism so accurately and with such pertinent insight, that it should be declared a national monument.

–  John Michel,  Rand Daily Mail