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Reinventing the past, the self — and the legendary Noel Coward and Marlene Dietrich — is what this wonderful fanciful foray back to a Sunday afternoon in a New York apartment in 1953 is all about. Uys and Johnson have created a witty, nostalgic and highly entertaining show that is bound to appeal to a discerning audience. Noel & Marlene is inspiring theatre, a genre of its own. If Coward and Dietrich can be reinvented, so can we all.

– Wilhelm Snyman,  Cape Times, 18 August 1998

A smart show that bristles with wit. Uys's script is first class. Coward's Wildean wickedness and Dietrich's lack of any sense of humour is the meat of Uys's show. He plays them off against each other to bring out their secret as well as public lives. It's a hoot.

– Peter Frost,  The Argus,  26 August 1998