Farce About Uys is strictly protected by copyright.

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PD Uys Productions


But please read the play with pleasure.

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A delicious riotous piece of nonsense. As satirical writing Farce About Uys is truly inspired.

Rand Daily Mail

A laugh a minute ... impeccable comic timing.

Evening Post

Pieter-Dirk Uys is 'n meester van die skewe woord ... niemand kan hom en sy Evita op hul tuisveld klop nie.

Die Burger

... one of the funniest Uys products yet to hit the market ... more beautifully naughty than ever.

The Star

Farce About Uys is pure delight.

Sunday Express

Pieter-Dirk se Evita is inderdaad 'n legende.

Die Vaderland

Fast paced, this rare and sensitive work leaves no emotion untouched as it cuts away the facade of the Bapetikosweti Embassy — Blanche-Noir — to leave the bare raw nerves of the game of South African politics.

The Friend