This website currently includes the complete texts of twenty-five Pieter-Dirk Uys plays.  These texts are presented free to all who wish to download and read them.  This is because so many students have requested access to these plays for the purpose of study and other educational use.  However, all the plays are strictly protected by copyright and applications for performance rights, both professional and amateur, should be addressed to:

PD Uys Productions

PO Box 175

Darling 7345

But please read the plays with pleasure.  We hope to add further PDU play texts in future.

If there is a specific PDU play that you would like to see included on the website, please

send an email to the webmaster.

African Times


Auditioning Angels

Beyond All Reason

Die Van Aardes van Grootoor

Die Vleiroos

Farce About Uys

God’s Forgotten

Going Down Gorgeous

Going to Heaven

Just Like Home



The Merry Wives of Zuma

No Space on Long Street

Noël & Marlene

Ouma Ossewania Praat Vuil


Paradise is Closing Down

Rare and Protected

The Rise and Fall of the First Empress Bonaparte

Same Old Story

Scorched Earth

Selle ou Storie