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Pieter-Dirk Uys

Back in Darling — post on PDU website, 31 January 2006

Just returned from 12 days in Europe, the last 5 in Berlin where I did a show for members of the German Parliament, ambassadors and activists. They wanted the 'human face of HIV/Aids in SA'! In the shadow of the Brandenburger Gate, I showed more than a human face: I explained to them how to put on a condom. It was a first, make no mistake. Then on Sunday afternoon, a performance in the Jewish Museum of 'Foreign Aids' which was like doing a tango in a minefield. There any reference to virtually anything is on thin ice. It was fantastic and I think I'll go back to Berlin in 2008 to live for 6 months and learn the language properly. Hell, if I'm going to insult them, let me do it in their own Sprache!

So what a relief it was to get back to Cape Town Airport this morning on a flight that landed at 05h30 and to come face to face with our own realities. After the onslaught of German competence, our Customs Comrades had: a) not set the right date on the official stamp; b) not switched on their computer; c) when they did it unbooted and stopped; d) had to find an official pad to do it all manually; e) had no carbon for a copy;  f)  had no pen; g) misread the calculator on putting euros and pounds into rands;  g) didn't have change — but were charming and apologised and even though it took ages, made me happy to be home. Viva our rainbow nation viva!

PS:  Passed an election poster which screamed: STOP ANC RACISM — VOTE DA! — and this from a white opposition party that constantly criticises a black government. I'm home alright!

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